Hydrogen Tank Technology

Fuel Cell Demo Vehicle

The Noble Gas Systems 350-bar conformable hydrogen tank technology demonstrates its capabilities and benefits in real-world driving conditions.

2019 Polaris Ranger EV

  • Power Unit: 15kW Hydrogenics HD15 PEM Fuel Cell Power Module (FCPM)
  • Hydrogen Supply: Airgas Ultra High Purity Hydrogen and mobile fueling station
  • + 40% range extension – 42 miles on a single charge
  • Range: 5x over 12 hours

Storage System Details

  • Tank Size: 848 x 591 x 79 (easily integrate into the bed of the vehicle)
  • Fill Time: Less than one minute

General Product Overview

Conformable Compressed Gas Storage System

The Conformable Compressed Gas Storage System developed by Noble Gas System is the future of gas storage and delivery. It is a safe, light-weight compressed gas pressure vessel that can be integrated into existing vehicle architectures. The industry-leading system provides more capacity and are lighter weight than traditional Type 4 Carbon Overwrap Pressure Vessel (COPV) cylinders and currently meets burst and hydrogen permeation requirements for 350-bar working pressures. Additionally, the leak-before-burst failure mode of this design eliminates the opportunity for a catastrophic, instantaneous release of high-pressure gas, making it a safer alternative. 

The system can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes to be easily integrated into existing product configurations, such as electric vehicle battery compartments or the tight spaces within unmanned aerial vehicles.

Globally, the transportation industry is being challenged to develop low- and zero-emission solutions due to government regulations and consumer demand. Hydrogen fuel cell as an enabling technology allows vehicles to achieve zero emission requirements while better addressing requirements such as range, duty cycle and refueling speed. The Conformable Compressed Gas Storage System tackles the storage challenge, efficiently and safely storing compressed hydrogen fuel onboard a vehicle without impacting passenger or cargo space.

Product Facts

  • High-pressure, safe, light-weight conformable gas storage and delivery system for all compressed gasses – natural gas, air, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen
  • Construction: Polymer liner, woven synthetic fiber reinforcement, and protective outer shell
  • Working pressure: 350-bar with 700-bar milestone under development
  • Industries: Transportation (light and heavy duty), Defense, Industrial Gas, Aviation, and Marine

Product Construction

  • Liner: Thermoplastic elastomer for flexibility and permeation barrier
  • Reinforcement: Woven synthetic fiber for pressure containment
  • Shape: Linear geometry & woven braid enable conformability without collapse

Key Benefits

  • Efficient and continuous manufacturing process
  • Working pressures >350 bar (5,000 psi)
  • Versus conventional hoop wound storage cylinders, this technology offers:
    • Packaging Flexibility
    • Lower Weight
    • Improved Safety
    • Reduced Cost
    • Scalable Production
    • Reduced Cost