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Conformable storage refers to the storage of compressed gases in flexible and lightweight containers that can be shaped to fit various spaces and surfaces.

Conformable storage has several advantages, including the ability to store gas in irregularly shaped spaces, reduced weight and size of storage containers, and increased safety due to the gradual release of pressure.

Our systems provide high-pressure conformable storage capacity for a wide range of sizes and gases, including hydrogen, CNG, oxygen, nitrogen, and many others. Our regulations compliant designs can store gas at pressures of 350bar, 500bar and 700bar.

Yes. Our leak before burst failure mode eliminates the possibility of a catastrophic, instantaneous release of high-pressure gas.

No. We do not use carbon fiber at all in our makeup. We utilize a continuous polymer liner with a high-strength fiber reinforcement.

The cost of conformable storage of compressed gas depends on several factors, such as the type and size of the storage container, the material used, and the method of compression. However, based on our scalable manufacturing processes, our technology is a more economical and practical solution compared to competing technologies.  

Our technology has unique advantages over others, such as the ability to store more gas in less space; our leak before burst failure mode makes them very safe; our regulations compliant design doesn’t use carbon fiber; our tanks are recyclable; and our tanks are lighter weight and more economical based on our material selection and scalable manufacturing processes.

Our conformable solutions are a great fit for a variety of automotive, defense, consumer, industrial, and mobility applications.

Our tank technology design is compliant to HGV2, GTR-13 and ISO1119-3.

We currently hold multiple granted patents surrounding vehicle integration, production methods, and performance differentiators. We also have several others that are in pending status.

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