Noble Gas Systems Awarded $1.8 Million US Army Grant to Develop Conformable Hydrogen Storage and Delivery Systems

Grant supports ongoing development of Noble's unique, conformable high-pressure gas storage systems

October 17, 2023

Noble Gas Systems (Noble Gas) received $1.8 Million USD direct to Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the US Army to develop 700 bar conformable hydrogen storage tanks.

“Being awarded a Phase II grant from the Army allows us to continue developing our solution that will help meet the demand for low- and zero-emission mobility and validates the importance of our technology,” said Chris Kondogiani, principal, Noble Gas Systems. “The money will allow us to complete development on our 700-bar solution sooner, which is critical as we see growing demand for our tank technology from new applications and customers.”

The Noble Gas high-pressure, lightweight storage and delivery system can accommodate the most common compressed gases, including natural gas, air, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. It features a tank comprised of a polymer liner, woven reinforcement and protective outer shell. A safer alternative to other options, the system recently completed important regulatory design qualification tests for storing hydrogen gas at 350-bar working pressures and has a leak-before-burst failure mode to eliminate the opportunity for a catastrophic, instantaneous release of high-pressure gas.

Designed with conformability in mind, the gas storage system can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes to be easily integrated into unique and existing product configurations. The tanks are lightweight and can be made less than 80mm (3.1in) wide. In addition to the transportation industry, Noble’s solution has applications in defense, aviation, marine and industrial gas industries.