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Noble Gas Systems Achieves Important Technical Milestone; Completes Validation Tests of 350 Bar Hydrogen Conformable Vessel

Noble Gas Systems Inc. announced its conformable tank became the first-of-its-kind to pass a prescribed set of standard performance tests at 350 bar. This technical milestone proves that the company’s conformable tank technology is a viable solution for automotive, defense, aviation and bulk storage industries.

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Noble Gas Systems Installs Hydrogen Generator

Today, we are generating green hydrogen – hydrogen produced with renewable energy – that reduces our costs while providing plenty of hydrogen for our demos and testing each year.

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Noble Gas Systems Releases Results on Internal Lifecycle Analysis

Compared to conventional carbon fiber tanks, our conformable tank comprised of a polymer liner, woven reinforcement and protective outer shell provides a higher material circularity index and over double the lifetime energy production versus usage, meaning the product has an overall negative carbon footprint. Then there’s significant sustainability numbers in terms of recycling and company reuse.

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